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Burress Oak Collections

Aberdeen Dining Collection

strong, stalwart, solid wood

Strong and stalwart with a crisp, sleek style, the Aberdeen solid wood dining collection makes a serious statement with straight lines and chairs worthy of your most important guests.

Adalina Dining Collection

Classic elegance and uptown flair

With the perfect combination of classic elegance and uptown flair, the stunning Adalina solid cherry wood dining collection sets the right tone for fancy dinner parties as well as casual potlucks. Customize to your wood and finish preference.

Americana Dining Collection

Comfortable, enduring styles

Remember when our society wasn’t obsessed with cell phones? The Americana Collection will take you back. With a comfortable enduring style, you’re invited to linger at the table and enjoy some real live conversation. 

Andalusia Dining Collection

Classic mission style

The classic mission styling of the Andalusia Collection brings thoughts of a relaxed and casual lifestyle to mind. With unique curved-back chairs that offer great style and comfort, this mission collection lives up to its name.

Andalusia Pub Collection

Sophisticated Simplicity

Inspiring and inviting with its perfect combination of grace and strength, the Andalusia Pub collection takes a no-nonsense approach to style and proves that sophistication is all about simplicity.

Andover Dining Collection

shown in solid oak wood

Built to last, the Andover Collection is ready for home-cooked meals and lively children. Top of the line construction techniques and the best finishes allow this dining collection to be used and loved for generations.

Arts & Crafts Pub and Dining Collection

Simply Beautiful

Arts and Crafts is a unique Amish dining table collection featuring an open pedestal table. This set gives you an open clean look into the pedestal and shows vertical slats supports. Also available in oak, maple or cherry Trestle table.

Arvada Dining Collection

Weathered Wood Charm

Create a stunning impression with the subtly weathered wood look table and sideboard of the Arvada Dining Room Furniture Collection. Each feature, from the ring-shaped hardware pulls to the caned chair seat, combine to make a beautiful collection!

Ashville Dining Collection

Hardy and Classic

The solid cherry dining room set is hardy furniture handcrafted by the Amish for today's lifesyles, with deep, rich finishes and classic design. Elongated ladder-back chairs provide drama and additional visual interest.

Aspen Dining Collection

Soft Sweeping Curves

Soft sweeping curves combined with straight lines balance the Aspen's masculine and feminine attributes, making it comfortable for all. The simplistic designs of this solid wood set will make your dining room become a place where you can linger for a while in comfort and in style.

Astoria Dining Collection

Open, airy design

Uptown meets weekend out of town with a casually chic table design. The Astoria collection boasts an open, airy chair design and unique wooden table and chair legs that add a fine quality look and style to any home.

Bavaria Dining Collection

Cozy, casual style

The vision of a verdant alpine mountainside... the sturdy comfort of traditional wood craftsmanship. That’s our Bavaria collection. Cozy, casual style created for entertaining and enjoying year after year.

Beaumont Dining Collection

Casual Mission Styling

A casual mission style dining room set with it's thick trestle base and decorative top. This collection is the perfect representation of a craftsmen style and can come in a wide range of wood finishes and sizes.

Berkley Dining Collection

Originality is Beautiful

This collection is has an open concept trestle base which gives the table a simple look. The Berkley collection is perfect for any room style and gives you a open, clean look.

Berkshire Dining Collection

Bold and Beautiful

Berkshire is a county of south east England, located to the west of London. It has also been known as the Royal County of Berkshire since at least the 19th century because of the presence of Windsor Castle and was recognised as such by the Queen in 1957 and letters patent issued in 1974. The...

Birmingham Dining Collection

Intimacy and Space

You suddenly become eager to host a group of your closest friends for an evening of food, fun, and laughter. The large, stately Birmingham dining table doesn't forgo intimacy or space. It just goes to show you can have your round table and seat plenty of company around it too.

Brentwood Dining Collection

Transitional Shaker Styling

Clean, contemporary lines give this transitional shaker collection an updated look while preserving the craftsman touch. Easy to mix and match style and a sturdy build make this collection a smart choice for everyone.

Bridgeport Dining Collection

Craftmen Style Trestle Table

Inspired by the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th to early 20th centuries, Bridgeport Mission features curved arches connected to straight members with perfectly spaced slats. Mission at its best.

Canted Dining Collection

Elegant Yet Informal Oak Dining

Elegant yet informal, this collection is ideal for the active family that enjoys spending time together. Solid and durable enough to stand up to everyday use, but with just enough subtle curves and accenting to make it stand out.

Canterbury Dining Collection

Modern Flair

Whether it’s filet mignon or meatloaf, dinner is always something special served on this handsome set. The Canterbury collection combines stately traditional style with a bit of modern flair — for a delicious look.

Cape Anne Dining Collection

Fun and Inviting

“X marks the spot” on this picnic- style dining option. The casual, chunky table pairs up with sturdy, squared- off traditional chairs for a carefree look that’s fun and inviting.

Carlisle- Amhurst Dining Collection

Curved Contemporary

This collection is a blend unquie contemporary design. The concaved pedestal and the open back chairs make this look simple and timeless.

Chalet Dining Collection

European Charm

The European charm of our Chalet collection is so rich and appealing you can’t help but feel inspired. An inviting octagonal tabletop and large chair seats create the perfect spot for a little hot cocoa and a favorite pastry.

Chancellor Dining Collection

Transitional and Elegant

The Chancellor Collection is a transitional collection that has some traditional elements that have been simplified. This collection is timeless and would fit in any room style.

Chateau Dining Collection

Rustic Yet Elegant and Welcoming

Like the French country houses the Chateau was named for, this Amish-made dining collection is instantly rustic and welcoming. Fill the table with freshly baked breads and cheese and wait for your friends to come knocking!

Chelsea Dining Collection

Great European curves

More great European curves... this time with chairs worthy of royalty. In a light wood finish, the Chelsea collection brings the airy feeling of a summer day to any décor.

Classic Mission Dining Collection

Solid Wood Mission Richness

This solid wood mission dining room set has clean lines, subtle curves and a dramatic height that provide a singular richness. The economy of form lends a spareness that works well in many different environments.

Colebrook Dining Collection

The Colebrook Collection represents a mission style. This collection has details like small arches and contrasting decorative detail.

Colonist Dining Collection

Sleep rich, and commanding

Sleek, rich and commanding in its presence, the Colonist collection features elegant ladder-back chairs that give any room a sense of drama.

Concord Dining Collection

Informal sophistication

Take the breezy opulence of the eastern seaboard, give it a subtle cottage feel, and it would look a lot like this. 

Copper Canyon Dining Collection

Sturdy, substantial design

You’ll want to make every room in your house this inviting. A rich finish and sturdy, substantial design give the Copper Canyon collection a certain aura that makes family and friends feel right at home.

Copper Creek Dining Collection

Inspiring Relaxed Conversation

Bringing to mind a laid-back weekend in the mountains, the rustic, comfort- able style of Copper Creek welcomes family and friends and inspires hours of relaxed conversation.

Craftsman Dining Collection

Sleek and Lean

Sleeker and leaner in stance, the Craftsman collection brings a little more sophistication to the classic Mission style. A nice choice for more formal settings.

Dutch Creek Dining Collection

A Statement in Any Decor

Stripped down to the bare essentials, you won't find another collection that so simply embodies everything you love about wood furniture. Solid construction, clean lines and the ability to make a statement in any decor.

Easton Dining Collection

Updated and modern

Updated and modern in every way. Clean lines and gentle curves outfit this table decadently for a New York loft or Manhattan high rise.

Easton Pike Dining Collection

Splash of summers style

Ready to spend a little time by the sea? Created with a wood finish and paint combination, our Easton Pike collection gives formal dining a splash of summer style.

Estate Dining Collection

Distinctive expressions

The eye-catching striated finish grabs your attention. The distinctive expressions of height and dimension hold it. Curves, vertical wood grain and clean lines offer endless visual interest.

Exeter Dining Collection

Distinctive Cutouts

With chair arms that seem to float comfortably in mid-air, distinctive cutouts in the chair backs, and funky flared table legs, the Exeter collection is all about surprising style.

Exeter Pub Collection

Fun and Drama

Elegant legs and dramatic cutouts definetly put this one on the A List. Created for both casual and more formal decors, the Exeter Pub collection adds fun and drama to everyday meals and entertaining.

Fairfield Dining Collection

A favorite spot

Every home needs a great place for eating, entertaining and just hanging out. Rich and inviting with smooth, rounded edges, the Fairfield collection turns any kitchen or dining room into a favorite spot.

Fulton Dining Collection

Not for the timid

Chic. Dramatic. Outspoken. With a large, bold table design and inviting upholstered chairs, the Fulton collection is definitely not for the timid. Choose it and relish every moment.

Fuzed Dining Collection

Live Edge Experience

A daring blend of rustic walnut, oak, wormy maple and powder-coated metal, the Fuzed Collection is truly designed for the spotlight. The alternative table top offers a live edge experience at an affordable cost.

Georgetown Dining Collection

Add flair to any décor

It’s surprising what can happen when you don’t make everything “match.” Shown here with both partially and fully upholstered side chairs and bench, this classic Georgetown set is ready to spice up any décor.

Gettysburg Dining Collection

The Gettsburg mission style dining collection features a trestle table base with mission style carved details.

Grand Mesa Dining Collection

Mission Style

An evening of card games or an afternoon tea is found to be best around the accommodating Grand Mesa. Mission styling helps this collection bring a little adventure to any space.

Hacienda Dining Collection

Upscale Design With a Touch of Elegance

Welcome guests in grand style with the Hacienda collection. Unique table leg panels give this upscale design a touch of elegance and become a focal point in your home.

Heidelberg Dining Collection

Stunning lines and stylish curves

Like a sleek European sedans, the Heidelberg collection boasts stunning lines and stylish curves that turn heads and spark admiration.

Heidi Dining Collection

Simple and Transitional

The Heidi dining collection has a simple design but the skirting on the table gives this style transitional feel.

Helvetica Dining Collection

Delivers great style

Named after one of the most widely used type fonts, our Helvetica collection skips the fancy flourishes and still delivers great style with simple oval chair backs and straight legs.

Heritage Dining Collection

Subtle Detail

Spare and unobtrusive, its efficient design allows your personal style to shine through. The classic wood slats on the chairs and panels on the hutch create subtle detail without demanding attention.

Innsbruck Dining Collection

Solid, comfortable, inviting

Solid... comfortable... inviting. Something you might see in a European ski chalet. Imagine the Innsbruck collection, instead, in your own home — warming the hearts and lives of your family and friends.

Jack Daniels Pub Table

Rustic and Unique

This is a one of a kind collection. This collect has rustic details like rub through black paint stain and a rustic table top. This collection is perfect for a bar area or in a rustic setting. 

Kensington Dining Collection

Subtle Cottage, Western Accents

A subtle cottage feel married with western accents create a flexible, stylish Kensington Collection that would fit into the smallest of spaces. No serving space is sacrificed with the extending buffet, and you're sure to have the best of dinner parties seated around this personable round table.

Kensington Dining Collection

Fun focal point

Something’s really different about this piece — it’s missing a side! The triangular-shaped table creates a fun focal point for any décor while still offering plenty of seating space.

Kensington Pub Collection

Raising the style bar

Another head turner that makes quite a focal point — three, actually. With a two-tone finish and triangular shape, the Kensington Pub collection raises the style bar in any décor.

Kingsbury Dining Group

Classic Mission

The Kingsbury dining collection is a classic mission style. The style includes details like the trestle table with open slats. The chairs also show open slats on the back with the think header up on top.

Kingsley- Austin Collection

Classic and Simple

This Kingsley- Austin Collection is the perfect blend of classic and simple.

Lancaster Dining Collection

Cosmopolitan Flourishes

Cosmopolitan flourishes give this collection a decidedly urban feel. From the sharp, octagonal tabletop to the chair backs that manage to evoke both bales of wheat and an explosion of fireworks. Decorative spindles and chunky table support complete the fine visual touches.

Lexington Dining Collection

Clean, sophisticated and upscale - but still comfortable

Clean, sophisticated and upscale - but still comfortable. This is a collection for someone who loves to stay up on the latest trends, but also appreciates character that never goes out of style.

Liberty Mission Dining Collection

Casual West Coast Style With Flair

An upscale spin on the American Arts and Crafts movement, which focused on durable construction techniques and handmade details-including stunning curves and clean lines. A dining set with true presence, it offers casual West Coast style done with flair.

Luxembourg Dining Collection

Rustic and Homey

Rustic and homey, bring the feel of a country farmhouse to your modern lifestyle. Be reminded of a simpler time, but enjoy all the grace and beauty your style demands.

Madison Dining Collection

Opulent and Casual

A collection with a dash of adventure built right in. Bold, chunky accents provide a counterbalance to smooth, sleek surfaces. Fully upholstered chairs add comfort and create a look that's opulent and casual.

Madison Pub Collection

Simply Beautiful

The Madison Pub Collection features a clean and simple look. The table skirt has a slight arch which makes this collection perfect for any kitchen or dining room.

Manchester Dining Collection

The Manchester dining collection is a craftman style collection.

Marpeck Dining Collection

Strong and Sturdy

Add a dose of old-world charm to your dining room or kitchen with the Marpeck collection. With its double pedestal table, it presents a strong and sturdy disposition that’s ready for even the busiest households.

Mckinley Dining Collection

Built Sturdy

Visit an aged, ivy-wrapped stone farmhouse on any given day and you might find a table quite like the McKinley. Built sturdy for everyday use with details that give each piece its own personality.

Mission Dining Collection

An American Classic

An American Classic. The ultimate proof that some things never go out of style. This collection will complement any decor with its unpretentious grace and simple sophistication.

Modern Shaker Dining Collection

Classic and Versatile

Some of the rustic features are softened, yet it maintains that classic air of simplicity. If you're looking for a hint of the classic look, but with more versatility for your own interior design, this is the answer.

Montecito Dining Collection

Distinguishing Features

The Montecito caters to those with refined tastes, who appreciates when beautiful things are also made well. Features such as the applied molding on the hutch and cross pattern on the table top make this collection as distinguished as yourself.

New Albany Dining Collection

Elegant Yet Approachable

Elegant yet approachable; the New Albany Collection uses its arcs, scrolls and other fine details to convey sophistication. Let its bold look become the centerpiece of your dining room or let it complement your personal style.

New Amsterdam Dining Collection

Beautiful and comfortable

Close your eyes and imagine a classic dining set — that’s the New Amsterdam collection. Beautiful, comfortable, and with the type of style that fits well into both casual or elegant decors.

New Amsterdam Pub Collection

Contemporary Twist

Here’s a contemporary twist on tradition. Classic shaker style gets moved up into the “modern” category in the New Amsterdam Pub collection. This set is perfect for kitchens, media rooms and other entertaining areas.

Oasis Dining Collection

An ideal setting

As its name implies, the Oasis collection offers you the ideal setting for a little R&R. An inviting place for spending time with friends and family... a quiet spot to manage paperwork. All embraced with unique design details.

Oasis Pub Collection

Inviting variation

We shook up traditional shaker style to bring you this inviting variation. It’s a great look that combines the expected with a few fun twists. A perfect choice for today’s casual lifestyles.

Olde Century Mission Dining Collection

Mission Style

The Olde Centry Dining Collection is shows the a mission style by it's open slat trestle base and other various details. The chairs and side bench are coordinating options that pair nicely with this table and also as mission style like carved side panels and open slats.

Orleans Dining Collection

Easy entertaining

Looking for some sassy, jazzy style? The Orleans collection’s got it — with a standout table pedestal and roomy chairs that set the scene for easy entertaining.

OW Banquet Collection

Simple & Classic

This collection is has a simple and classic design. The style will fit perfectly in any room.

Peggs Dining Collection

Modern, Mid-Century Hints

Designed to provide a high quality option for casual, condo-sized dining furniture. Simple, clean, and comfortable. Even though we refer to this as a modern set, there's no denying a hint of it's mid-century past. It's like a gesture of gratitude to an era that taught us how to build fun furniture.

Plank Table Top Collection

Rustic & Simple

This collection is unique plank top dining table that is rustic but simple.

Plymouth Dining Collection

Unique and Simple

This table is unique and simple and features clean lines.

Provence Dining Collection

Relaxed Approach to Good Living

Inspired by the French countryside, this style is sure to transport your imagination to lavender fields and warm sunshine. Let it express your relaxed approach to good living.

Queen Anne Dining Collection

Extravagant curves, sharp accenting and ornate panels

Extravagant curves, sharp accenting and ornate panels punctuate this sumptuous collection. With a softer look than other furniture of its type, these pieces are ideal for a dining space that must double as formal and informal.

Regal Dining Collection

Lush with exquisite detail

Give yourself the royal treatment with the ultimate in extravagance. Lush with exquisite detail, this collection makes a statement and becomes the focal point of any dining room. Luxuriate in the formal accenting like dramatic curves, fine scrollwork and carving, and luxurious upholstery. It makes...

Richfield Dining Collection

Timeless and unique

The Richfield Dining Collection features a unique curved trestle base and unique table top shape. The overall collection is class and will blend with any kitchen or dining room.

Richmond Dining Collection

Beautifully Simple

A beautifully simple collection that captures the eye using subtle arcs and curves. Small and cozy, this compact collection is perfect for a small apartment or breakfast nook. Truly an heirloom dining set with solid wood construction and amish attention to every detail.

Rippleback Contemporary Collection

Stylish Contemporary Look with Warm Solid Hardwoods

Rippleback dining is characterized by unique, scalloped "rippleback" detail of dining chair backs. The gracious table is available with convex (shown) or concave leg detail, and is available in dining, counter and bar heights. Arm and side chairs, along with a perfectly proportioned server,...

Riviera Dining Collection

Modern Blend

The Riviera is a modern blend of wood, metal and glass. Reminiscent of fine art, the Riviera will have your friends and family swooning over its handsome details.

Salisbury Dining Collection

Clean, simple beauty

Like a bundle of sturdy kindle artfully arranged, the chair back spindles of the Salisbury collection give this set an air of usefulness, integrity and clean, simple beauty.

Santa Cruz Dining Collection

True Arts & Craft Style

Fashioned in true Arts & Craft style, the Santa Cruz Collection is for the connoisseur of handcrafted things. Intricate cutouts and sloping angles define these show-stopping pieces.

Santa Cruz Mission Dining Collection

Light, Airy Feel

We think the word “stunning” sums up this dramatic dining set nicely. Taking the classic Mission lines to great lengths, the Santa Cruz collection boasts a light, airy feel that fits the seaside settlement it was named after.

Sante Fe Dining Collection

Classy Mission Style of the Southwest

Bring instant sophistication and status to your home with the Sante Fe Collection. Quartersawn white oak adds visual interest and confirms the classy Mission style of the southwest.

Schantz Dining Collection

Built to Withstand the Test of Time

In 1794, an Amish farmer named Joseph Schantz first settled on and founded the town now known as Johnstown, PA. On his original farm in Johnstown sits a table that has lasted for years past. It was designed for function: to handle the wear that a farmhouse table inevitably gets. This particular...

Sequoia Collection

Bold, yet deceptively simple

Oversized and rugged, this bold piece is deceptively simple. With clean lines and understated elegance, it can anchor any decor-from rustic simplicity to upscale sophistication.

Small Cabinets/ Hutches/ Sideboards

Individual pieces

Soho Dining Collection

Minimalist Design

Offbeat, edgy, and totally cool. The stark, boxy shape of the Soho collection makes it a great choice for minimalists and those who favor more contemporary design.

Sonoma Dining Collection

Bare Essentials

Stripped down to the bare essentials, you won't find another collection that so simply embodies everything you love about wood furniture. Solid construction, clean lines and the ability to make a statement in any decor.

Sonora Dining Collection

A favorite of family and friends

Sure to be a favorite of family and friends, the elegant Sonora collection features the comfort of curved chair backs and the eye-appeal of unique table leg panels.

Spencer Dining Collection

Craftsman Details

Your most style-conscious guests will be impressed with the design of the Spencer collection. Featuring details that bring to mind a craftsman hard at work, this stunning dining set promises years of satisfaction.

Spencer Pub Collection

Fresh, casual dining

With chair backs that resemble window blinds, the enticing Spencer Pub collection introduces a unique style to any home. Clean lines and comfy upholstered chair seats round out the beauty of this fresh casual dining option.

Sydney Dining Collection

Balance and Depth

Rich contrasting colors and defining arcs give the Sydney Collection a sense of balance and depth. Leaded glass and other mission details bring the solidity of the Arts and Crafts movement to your home.

Tavern Dining Collection

Rugged yet decorative

Rugged yet decorative, this collection evokes the feeling of that neighborhood place where everyone is welcome. The two-tone finish provides a casual dimension while the simple design offer many opportunities to personalize the look.

Timber Ridge Dining Collection

Modern, yet still Amish quality furniture.

The Timber Ridge collection represents a strong mission style. The table features angeled base with a bottom self. This piece is perfect for a rustic country or mission style room.

Toulouse Dining Collection

Upscale Look

Inspired by the south of France, our Toulouse collection combines curves and angles for an upscale look that just might lead to plans for a quick Paris getaway.

Traditional Dining Collection

Warmth of Hearth and Home

The name says it all. The ultimate dining set, straight from a country kitchen. You can almost smell the biscuits and gravy. Even if your style is more sushi and spring rolls, this is a dining set that instantly brings the warmth of hearth and home.

Tribeca Contemporary Dining Collection

Modern Recreation

Some things in life are so good you feel they need to be recreated. This is the case with Tribeca. The two-tone finish option and the raked legs give indication of times past, while the metal base, the innovative chair design, and the sleek, oversized pulls have a uniquely modern look. One could...

Tribeca Traditional Dining Collection

Elegant and Edgy

A little off the wall, just like its NYC inspiration, the Tribeca collection puts interesting curves and oval cutouts on a traditional chair to create a dining option that’s both elegant and edgy.

Tuscany Dining Collection

Native materials and practical designs

Take a relaxing trip to the Italian countryside. It's a place where native materials and practical designs serve furniture that creates an atmosphere of good friends and good times.

Valley French Dining Collection

Ornamental Flourishes

Ornamental flourishes like flairs, scallops and molding create a look that really makes a statement. Add grandeur to your surroundings the next time you set your table for an intimate gathering or a formal dinner.

Valley Shaker Dining Collection

Lifetime Investment

Shaker styling has withstood the test of time. Simple, tapered lines and a clean, contemporary look guarantee instant satisfaction. With flexibility in both traditional homes and modern Manhattan high-rises, Shaker becomes a lifetime investment.

Vienna Dining Collection

Innovative Style

Known for its culture of innovation, Vienna is referred to as “The City of Dreams.” Our Vienna collection takes its inspiration from its Austrian namesake with innovative style that combines classic shaker lines with modern curves.

Vienna Pub Collection

Casual urban style

How about a latte? Or maybe just a quick bite before you’re off to the gym. However you enjoy it, and whatever chair fabric you choose, the Vienna Pub collection offers casual urban style to suit your life.

Vintage Dining Collection

Formal accents, accessible design

Like a fine bottle of wine, this collection is appealing, exotic and grounded in good taste. If you're looking for formal accents matched with accessible design, look no further. Ornate details and eye-catching angles are anchored by straightforward form and function.

Warren Dining Collection

Simplicity with a twist

Simplicity with a twist. The Warren Collection will give you the refreshing minimalism you need while maintaining some unique design variations.

Wellington Dining Collection

Robust Depth

A sturdy, utilitarian design counterbalanced with decorative touches like molding and beadboard. Enjoy the casual sophistication that brings robust depth to any environment.

Williamsburg Dining Collection

Natural and hand hewn

Natural and hand hewn, the Williamsburg Collection is for everyone who prefers loafers to dress shoes, and who appreciates the warmth and sincerity solid wood furniture brings to a home.

Xavier Live Edge Trestle Table