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Burress Oak Collections

American Office Series

Simply American

Simply and solid, the American Series showcases the beauty of hand-crafted furniture.

Boulder Creek Office

Warmth and Style

Gently curved legs, ebony inlays, and arched skirts distinguish the Boulder Creek Collection. This contemporary look adds a touch of warmth and classic style to any office. Hand made by skilled Amish craftsmen, Boulder Creek furniture is available in a choice of sustainably harvested hardwoods.

Bridgeport Office Series

New England-Style

Bridgeport Series recalls the Revolutionary War period with its symmetry and inset panels. The extra deep inset on the desk's center section, along with feet that elevate each piece inches off the floor, give the suite an elegant feel like no other.

Buckingham Office Series

Clean lines and lustrous finish

If you're looking for timeless beauty that defies trends, look to the clean lines and lustrous finishes of the Buckingham Series.

Homestead Office Series

Strength and Beauty

Pure, simple elegance finds its expression in the Homestead Series.

Jamestown Office Series

Sturdy, simple, and stylish

The early settlers of America at Jamestown favored unadorned furnishings that were, above all, useful. At the same time, they appreciated beauty. The unique angled corner posts on each piece of this series add a touch of the unexpected to an otherwise thoroughly mission style.

Jefferson Office Series

Bold and beautiful

Classically-inspired corner columns, similar to theones prominent at Monticello, make this series aptly named. We hope our third president would be pleased with the symmetry and attention to detail, along with the two-tone finish reminiscent of the famous mansion he designed.

Lexington Office Series

Unique Design

Unique design touches that raise it far above ordinary furniture.

Liberty Office Series

Enduring Theme

Reflects the simple determination to create a nation in which freedom would be the enduring theme.

Lincoln Office Series

Dignity and Grace

Combines an air of dignity with the grace and elegance so prevalent in the mid-19th century.

Manhattan Office Series

Sturdy and Timeless

Is it a stretch to be reminded of skyscrapers in the corner posts of this furniture, leading to this collection's name? Perhaps. But there's no denying that this sturdy and timeless style would feel right at home in the City That Never Sleeps. Or wherever the height of beauty is desired.

Manhattan Office Suite

Shown In Brown Maple Wood With Optional Re Sawn Top And Drawer Fronts

This sturdy and rustic style solid maple wood home office suite feels right at home in the city or the suburbs. Shown in Brown Maple Wood with FC 11047 Ebony and Chocolate Tavern Stain and Optional Re Sawn Top and Drawer Fronts.  

Writer's Office Series

Elegant Design

Whether you aspire to be the next Tolkien, Thoreau, or Tolstoy, this simple desk can help you focus your thoughts and be productive. Open and airy, with a convenient front drawer, it's the perfect place to get something down on paper without distractions.