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Burress Oak Collections

Antoinette Nursery Series

Elegant and Stately

This elegant structure commands a stately presence that speaks of class and prominence. Fashioned to display the regality of wood, the connector hardware is invisible in the assembled Antoinette crib.

Carlisle Nursery Series

Mellow and Hand Hewn

A mellow hand hewn look framed by bowed edges and capped with exquisite craftsmanship...the result is extraordinary and distinctively Carlisle.

Celebrity Nursery Series

Redefining the world of furniture

With a wealth of refinement and a hint of swagger, Celebrity will inject a dash of pizazz to your decor.

Contempo Nursery Series

Upbeat and streamlined

Upbeat and streamlined, Contempo is a trendsetter stylizing your home with up-to-the-minute urbanity.

Cottage Nursery Series

Originality is Beautiful

Originality and a look-at-me presence...what a provocative combination! The wagon plank keystone dramatizes the Cottage series with marvelous oomph.

Economy Nursery Series

Irrepressible Lasting Beauty

There is nothing hoity-toity or high-hat about the Economy Series... it is what it is. Lack of pretext and a world of structural integrity underline its functionality and irrepressible lasting beauty.

Individual Rockers/ Gliders

These items individual products.

Louis Phillippe Nursery Series

Bold and Beautiful

Stateliness can be elusive, but the Louis Phillippe series has managed to capture it in its entirety.

Manhattan Nursery Series

Simply Beautiful

Arch tops and beveled curvature of the Manhattan Series is reminiscent of sleighs, Grandma's house, and the good old days. Add to this the simplicity of straight line design, and what you get is decidedly aristocratic.

Mission Nursery Series

Vibrance and Vivaciousness

Vitality... vibrance... vivaciousness... with a capital V. Mission's tapered feet and arching bottom curve gives it a ballet-like poise and gracefulness.

Traditional Nursery Series

Multiply Purpose Furniture

As it's name implies, the Traditional series defines all that is right and good. It features convertible furniture, from crib to day bed to full-size using the same piecesl Convert either the dresser, chest, wardrobe or nightstand to a changing table by just turning it over. It's as simple as that!